Release notes

1.22.0 (2024-05-08)

  • bugs: Fix _get_jobs to use the proper parameter for tag filtering in ZyteJobsComparisonMonitor (PR#446)

  • bugs: Fix _get_jobs method returning an incorrect number of jobs in ZyteJobsComparisonMonitor (PR#444)

  • docs: Add SPIDERMON_MONITOR_SKIPPING_RULES documentation and examples on settings page (PR#447)

  • chore: Add Python 3.12 support (PR#443) (PR#448)

1.21.0 (2024-04-18)

  • bug: Fix CI/CD pipelines not working due to changes on Scrapy (PR#426)

  • bug: Fix TypeError in PeriodicItemCountMonitor when item_scraped_count was not defined the first time it was checked (PR#436)

  • bug: Fix calculate_field_coverage incorrect handling of field names ending with _items (PR#437)

  • bug: Fix monitor failing when operating offset-naive and offset-aware datetimes (PR#439)

  • bug: Fix tests for minimum properties and items in JSON Schema validations (PR#432)

  • feature: Add the SPIDERMON_DICT_FIELDS_COVERAGE_LEVELS setting to limit nested dict stats computation (PR#433)

  • feature: Add SendSNSNotification to Spidermon Notifications (PR#413)

  • feature: Change the format of the content of _validation from defaultdict to dict (PR#431)

1.20.0 (2023-09-01)

  • feature: Add support for nested fields in the SPIDERMON_VALIDATION_ERRORS_FIELD setting (PR#416)

  • bug: Fix ItemValidationPipeline using the __setitem__ method without ItemAdaper (PR#415)

  • feature: Improve test coverage for the item validation pipeline (PR#414)

  • bug: Fix spidermon.utils.zyte.Client not following crawler settings (PR#411)

  • chore: Migrate ReadTheDocs to config file v2 (PR#408)

  • chore: Refactor package requirements (PR#407)

Backward-incompatible changes

  • The SPIDERMON_VALIDATION_ERRORS_FIELD setting no longer supports a field name that contains a dot (.). Dots are now be treated as field separators, to support specifying a nested field.

1.19.0 (2023-07-07)

  • bug: Fix JobTagsAction failing due to JobMetadata not longer supporting __setitem__ method (PR#404)

  • feature: Add PeriodicItemCountMonitor to check for increase in item count. Also included PeriodicItemCountMonitorSuite suite (PR#402)

  • chore: Deprecate support for data validation using schematics (PR#399)

  • chore: Drop support for Python 3.6 and Python 3.7. Added support for Python 3.11 (PR#398)

  • feature: Add ability to pass kwargs to Slack APIs (PR#397)

1.18.0 (2023-03-13)

  • feature: Support setting the Return-Path for Amazon SES emails (PR#381)

  • bug: Fix BaseStatMonitor failing in Scrapy Cloud when settings were provided as strings (PR#378)

  • feature: Add setting SPIDERMON_FIELD_COVERAGE_SKIP_IF_NO_ITEM to allow skipping FieldCoverageMonitor if no items were scraped (PR#372)

  • feature: Add Fallback Actions. Action now allows to define fallback field that may contain an additional Action to be executed if an exception is raised during the main action (PR#365)

  • feature: Use ItemAdapter when working with items to support the same types of item as Scrapy (PR#358)

  • chore: Refactor code from spider.contrib.scrapy into base, monitors and suites subpackages (PR#386)

  • chore: Replace tox pep8 functionality with pre-commit git hooks (PR#387)

  • chore: Update contributing guidelines to include reference to pre-commit tool (PR#392)

1.17.1 (2023-01-05)

  • bug: Fix Slack dependency name issue (PR#367)

  • chore: Change the Ubuntu version on workflow settings (PR#373)

  • docs: Adding PeriodicExecutionTimeMonitor to the batteries docs (PR#368)

  • feature: Adding the use of ItemAdapter to prevent assumptions of item nature (PR#358)

  • misc: Fix compatibility issues with jsonschema>=4 (PR#364)

1.17.0 (2022-09-12)

  • feature: Updated DownloaderExceptionMonitor and ItemValidationMonitor to inherit from BaseStatMonitor (PR#334, PR#335)

  • feature: Updated Slack action to use slack-sdk as library in replacement of deprecated slackclient (PR#313)

  • feature: Added new action to allow to send notification to Discord channels (PR#348)

  • feature: Added Python 3.10 support (PR#349)

  • feature: Added new action to allow to send email notifications using SMTP server (PR#345)

  • misc: small bug fixes and documentation improvements that can be checked in the milestone summary.

1.16.2 (2021-12-23)

  • feature: Create base class to aid the creation of custom monitors that only validates against a job stat value (PR#325)

  • feature: Add built-in monitor for critical errors (PR#329)

  • feature: Use new base class to implement some built-in monitors (PR#326 PR#327 PR#328)

  • feature: Add new built-in monitors for common validations (PR#284)

  • bug: Allow Slack bot to send notification correctly even if an icon URL is not defined to the bot (PR#307)

  • bug: Fix regex to match validation error message from schematics library (PR#310)

  • chore: Remove six library and upgrade Python syntax (PR#270)

  • chore: Remove travis and configure Github Actions (PR#291)

1.15.2 (2021-10-04)

  • chore: Add Github Actions support and remove Travis

1.15.1 (2021-10-04)

  • chore: Pin jsonschema version to 3.2.0 to avoid problems with newest version that has backward incompatible changes

  • chore: Pin schematics version to 2.1.0 to avoid problems with newest version that has backward incompatible changes

1.15.0 (2021-04-06)

  • feature: Improve content of Sentry messages (PR#279)

  • bug: Replace boto with boto3 for Amazon SES work correctly (issue#285)

1.14.0 (2020-10-05)

  • feature: Built-in monitor for field and item coverage (issue#253)

  • feature: Add field coverage statistics (PR#262)

  • chore: Update required slackclient version (PR#265)

  • chore: Add Python 3.8 support (issue#255)

  • chore: Drop Python 3.5 support (issue#266)

  • chore: Remove test decorator that skips tests if executed in old Python versions (PR#258)

  • chore: Fix deprecation warnings (PR#272, PR#274)

  • docs: Fix inconsistent examples (PR#273)

1.13.0 (2020-06-23)

  • bug: Fix Telegram action error logging

  • feature: Disable item validation pipeline when Spidermon is disabled

  • feature: Item validation built in monitor

  • chore: Removed Python 2.7 support

  • docs: Improved documentation organization

1.12.2 (2020-05-07)

  • Fixed version 1.12.1 changelog

1.12.1 (2020-05-07)

  • bugfix: AttributeError when using ValidationMonitorMixin (issue)

  • docs: How-To Guide - Adding required fields coverage validation (pull request)

1.12.0 (2020-01-09)

  • Dropped python 3.4 support

  • Added action to send monitor reports to Telegram

  • Added fallback to scrapy AWS settings

  • Logged errors from Slack API calls

  • Allowed to define SPIDERMON_SLACK_RECIPIENTS setting as a comma-separated string with the desired recipients

  • Read SES settings with getlist

  • Added documentation of Expression Monitors

  • Improved Slack action documentation

  • Fixed sphinx warnings when building docs

  • Fixed warnings in docs build

  • Validate docs build in CI

  • Applied and enforced black formatting on spidermon source code

  • Configured test coverage reporting in project

1.11.0 (2019-08-02)

  • Allowed per-field checking in ValidationMonitorMixin

  • Added option to set AWS Region Name on SES E-Mail action

  • Added default value for ‘SPIDERMON_BODY_HTML_TEMPLATE’ setting

  • Fixed bug in logging of Slack messages when fake setting is enabled

  • Enforced lxml 4.3.5 or lower for Python 3.4

  • Improved stats history documentation

1.10.2 (2019-07-01)

  • Version 1.10.1 with CHANGELOG updated

1.10.1 (2019-07-01)

  • Allowed to add absolute location for custom templates

1.10.0 (2019-06-12)

  • Added new StatsCollector that access stats data from previous spider executions.

  • Added new setting to define the max number of unwanted HTTP status codes allowed in built-in monitor.

  • Improved validation error messages with JSON Schema when additional fields are found.

  • Made possible to retrieve JSON schema files from external locations.

  • Included documentation of periodic monitor suites.

  • Fixed bug caused by new slackclient release.

  • Other small documentation improvements.

1.9.0 (2019-03-11)

  • Add set of built-in basic monitors with the most common test methods to allow start monitoring spiders more straightforward.

  • Add SendSentryMessage action to send notifications to Sentry containing the results of Spidermon execution.

  • Add SPIDERMON_ENGINE_STOP_MONITORS setting to list monitors to be executed when the Scrapy engine is stopped.

  • Fix bug that prevented the use of custom model-level validators in schematics models.

  • Refactor JSONSchemaValidator to allow select different versions of JSON Schema.

  • Refactor requirements in to include missing required dependencies.

  • Fix bug caused by backward incompatible change in jsonschema 3.0.0.

  • Fix example code of tutorial.

  • Install documentation improvements.

1.8.0 (2019-01-08)

  • Remove CreateJobReport action.

  • Include new documentation and tutorial code.

  • Rename internal method in MonitorRunner to fix typo.

1.7.0 (2018-12-04)

  • Support universal wheels.

  • Skip authentication and recipient settings when running in fake mode.

1.6.0 (2018-11-09)

  • Add SPIDERMON_EMAIL_CONTEXT setting to pass custom contexts to email actions.

  • Add support for Schematics 2.1.0.

1.5.0 (2018-09-19)

  • Convert the job ID tag into a clickable button.

1.4.0 (2018-08-17)

  • Avoid requests to get the amount of lines in the log by default, because they consume too much memory and they are very slow. You can still use the old behavior adding show_log_count to the context before creating the email message.

  • Refactor the requirements in

  • Update the Sphinx configuration.

1.3.0 (2018-08-02)

  • Add support for periodic monitors in the Scrapy extension.

1.2.0 (2018-04-04)

  • Modify ItemValidationPipeline in order to support dict objects in addition to Scrapy.Item objects.

  • Refactor ItemValidationPipeline to make it easier to extend this class.

1.1.0 (2018-03-23)

  • Add Schematics 2.* support. Note that Schematics 2.0.0 introduced many changes to its API and even some validation rules have a slightly different behaviour in some cases.

  • ItemValidationPipeline optimisations for cases where no validators can be applied.

1.0.0 (2018-03-08)

  • Add Python 3 support.

  • Run tests on Python 2 and Python 3.

  • Add dependencies for optional validation features to

  • Import HubstorageClient from the scrapinghub library if available.

  • Replace with

Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • Rename attachements attribute in the SendSlackMessage class to attachments.

  • Add the SPIDERMON_ENABLED setting to control if the Scrapy extension should run (note that it is disabled by default).