How do I configure a Slack bot for Spidermon?

What are bots?

A bot is a type of Slack App designed to interact with users via conversation.

To work with Slack Actions, you will need a Slack bot which would send notifications to your Slack workspace from Spidermon.


  1. Create a Slack bot app.

  2. Go to the OAuth & Permissions tab on the left sidebar.

  3. Under Bot Token Scopes make sure the bot has the chat:write permission.

  4. Once the bot is installed to your workspace, copy the Bot User OAuth Access Token from this tab. This Bot User OAuth Access Token is what we use for SPIDERMON_SLACK_SENDER_TOKEN.

  5. Lastly, add your Slack credentials to your Scrapy project’s settings.

SPIDERMON_SLACK_RECIPIENTS = ['@yourself', '#yourprojectchannel']